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Brands you can trust

Ceat Tools only works with the best brands in the industry. Our company guarantees reliable performance with all products offered, regardless of whether they are used or new. Test, Hoffmann and Ogiso are just a few of the many brands we stock. Scroll to see more options.



Great quality

Hoffmann products are the best in the industry. They offer superior service and quality for all construction and industrial needs. At Ceat Tools we have never received complaints about any Hoffmann product. That is quality.

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simply unbeatable

This is a highly trusted brand that we have been working with since 2006, when Ceat Tools was founded. It has a wide variety of supplies, from laboratory equipment to inspection machinery.



making the impossible possible

Ogiso products are incredibly reliable. We have worked with many of their products in different sizes and models and have been impressed by their quality, power and durability. We are proud to offer Axes products.

About us

Meet the company

Learn all about Ceat Tools and what we offer. Ceat Tools has been an industry leading Industrial Equipment Supplier since the company was founded in 2006. We only offer the highest quality products on the market and at the best prices available in Mexico and beyond. Do you want to know more? Contact a member of our team today.

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